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Anne Smith, Practice Administrator

Anne has lived in Muskoka since 2001. After a long career in the library and book world, she changed careers when she became the administrator at the Midwives of Muskoka in 2010. She comes by her interest in midwifery honestly since her great-grandmother was a midwife and Anne was the only one of 4 children to be born at home with a midwife. Her daughter and her niece are both midwives and all three of her lovely grandsons are "mid-kids". Anne loves interacting with clients as they go from their first nervous, excited visit to their last tearful but proud visit.

Jim Smith, Technical Advisor and Bookkeeper

Jim is a jack of all trades at Midwives of Muskoka. From tech support and bookkeeping, to changing lightbulbs, he does whatever is needed. Jim is a big advocate for midwifery care as all of his grandbabies are "mid-kids" and he is the dad and the uncle of midwives.

Emma Platts-Boyle, Practice Administrator

Emma was thrilled to begin working with the Midwives of Muskoka in May 2015. It is a wonderful extension of the work she had been doing for the past 15 years as birth doula and teaching childbirth and breastfeeding classes at the Midwive’s office. Working with women and families through the life changing experience of birth is greatly rewarding. Empowering women with knowledge is motivating.

Emma is mama to four amazing kids, and a grandbaby (!!!!) and she love to spend time with her family. Hiking, cooking, playing and being crafty are among her favorite ways to spend time. If the ice is off the lake you can find her swimming, it is what makes her heart sing!

Kirsty F. Williamson, Office Support Staff

I have a long name, Kirsty Frances Edith Williamson, Frances after my father, Edith after my mom's sister, and Kirsty because my parents thought I looked like a 'Kirsty'.....a Scottish name. My parents are from Blairgowrie, Scotland.

I have lived in Muskoka for 39 years. It is home, but I was born in Toronto at a time when births occurred in the hospital, fathers were not present at births and moms didn't ask questions about their babies. My mom and I were parted for 10 days. The story I have been told is that my mother was not well when I was born and was afraid to ask why I had not been brought to her. Although I was nurtured, fed and bathed in the nursery and used as a demonstration baby by the nurses for other mothers, I did not connect with my mother until 10 days after my birth.

I am definitely a supporter of the Midwives of Muskoka and feel honoured to be putting together materials and birth kits that help the moms, families, babies and midwives with their pregnancies and births.

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